The smart way of gardening

The new HydroArtPod

One Device. Endless fresh greens

The HydroArtPod is a smart garden for growing vegetables indoors fully automatically, with virtually no time or effort required. As easy as making a coffee!

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Eat fresh everyday - Forever!

Skip the stores with their plastic-wrapped 5 days old produce and enjoy your own without leaving the house.

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Elegant design with powerful self-growing automation

You thought gardening involves dirty hands. HydroArtPod is your hands-off smart garden and requires minimum looking after.

smart home indoor garden


HydroArtPod is a self-growing smart garden that grows your vegetables for you. Simple. No gardening knowledge required.

smart home indoor garden
Take control

Smart Home

HydroArtPod can be app and voice controlled and can connect to your smart home system.

smart home indoor garden

Fully Automated

HydroArtPod has fully automated features that take care of your plants even when you’re away.

Setting up is super simple

smart home indoor garden

01/ Plug it in

The HydroArtPod hangs up on your wall. Just plug in and start growing. Hang it in your living room or kitchen, or even pantry. It grows anywhere as it comes standardized with grow lights.

smart home indoor garden

02/Fill with Water

No need to have a water connection. The water tank holds enough water for a couple of weeks and can easily be removed for filling.

smart home indoor garden

03/See it Grow!

Now just let the unit do its job. Within a few days you will see how your plants start growing without your help. Once the plants are ready for harvest your personal assistant via our app will let you know. It could not be simpler!

What people say

I love the way it looks. It is super elegant and makes for a nice art piece in my living room. I am Swedish and good design is a must for me. I love that it brings some nature into my home, something I was longing for. Now finally I am able to bring some style into my home.
Sofia Odeen
My family and the environment are both so important to me. I want to know that my kids eat fresh food that still has all its vitamins and the added benefit of growing it at home is that I can teach them where their food is coming from.
I am a busy working mum with no garden space at home. While I want to grow my own food, I just have no time or the space to grow it. When I came across the HydroArtPod, the idea that it does everything automatically convinced me and I am really excited about it.
Karin Zangerl

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