Environmental Sustainability – Tips to Make your Environment Livable and Self-Sustaining

Today, concerns over environmental pollution and degradation, land use, climate change, clean air and water, and renewable energy continue to draw attention. It is our responsibility to do something for our planet. We can achieve this by employing certain sustainability measures and strategies that will make our immediate environment more livable and self-sustaining for many years to come.

What is Environmental Sustainability?

Environmental sustainability requires implement policies and creating solutions that will help individuals, businesses, and communities to manage their resources efficiently and interact with the environment responsibly. This will help reduce natural resources depletion or degradation and improve environmental conditions.

Happy Family Eating Dinner
Sustainable sourced food makes for a happy family. Enjoying delicious homemade food!

Essential Tips for Environmental Sustainability

Below are some environmental sustainability tips that individuals, businesses, and communities can implement.

Grow Food at Home:

Ensure that you grow your own vegetables, fruit, and herbs at home locally. Even if it is only a few pots around your home, it will help the environment. If you can afford though have a look for an indoor growing kit that makes home gardening a bliss.

Reducing Carbon Footprint:

Also, activities like transportation and packaging increase our carbon footprint on the environment. Here are some tips to reduce your carbon footprint:

  1. Drive less. Take a bus, train, or ride a bike.
  2. Switch to electric cars.
  3. Buy foodstuffs in bulk.
  4. Reduce your food waste.
  5. Use reusable packaging containers or shopping bags.
  6. Use organic fertilizers.
  7. Use LED light bulbs or CFL bulbs.
Couple doing acroyoga exercise in park
Exercise in park has so many benefits.

Live a Sustainable Lifestyle:

Also, you should start living a sustainable lifestyle. Here are some tips for living a sustainable lifestyle:

  1. Plant a tree and encourage others to plant at least one tree every month.
  2. Eat more whole foods.
  3. Read newspapers and magazines online to limit the amount of paper waste.
  4. Hand wash your clothes and use shower timers.
  5. Recycle your wastes.

There you have it! Above are some environmental sustainability tips that can make our immediate environment more livable and self-sustaining. When it comes to environmental sustainability, every little thing helps. It is everyone’s responsibility to implement environmental sustainability measures that will create a better and healthier future for both humans and wildlife. Do you have any simpler, sustainable living tips? If yes, make sure to add yours and try to implement them.

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