Did you know that you can grow healthy and highly nutritious plants in your home? Smart gardens are the new trend for 2020 especially since the outbreak of Covid-19. Some of them are self-growing, making it super easy to look after and they can look really nice, almost like a piece of art. Read on to discover more about some of the secrets of indoor gardens and how to they can make your life better too.

Being a mum is never easy, especially when working full time. There just never seems to be enough time for everything. And the last thing I have on my mind is to start gardening. That was me a couple of years back. I have since built myself an indoor garden that I have hung up on my wall to grow food for my family at home. It grows fully automated with the App as my personal assistant. Sounds pretty posh, it actually is!

It worked so well that I wanted to share my experience with the world. I know how many desperate parents are out there trying to juggle career and family. It can be so difficult and expensive trying to feed the family fresh organic food. Sometimes supermarkets do not have what you need or it’s simply outrageously expensive, maybe because it has travelled a long way to get to you.

So my solution to that problem was to grow my organic food at home, effortlessly, mainly because I had no time to spare.

We are now looking to produce our smart indoor garden for everyone who is looking to not only make a difference to the environment by producing locally instead of shipping veggies in from across the globe, but who also wants to be happy and cares about the nutritional value of what they eat. Getting the benefit of all vitamins for my family was what drove me to gardening and when I mean gardening it’s not in the traditional sense. I mean innovative smart garden, which is the new evolution of gardening. With Smart gardens you do not get your hands dirty, well at least not with hydroponic ones, as they operate without soil. Innovative smart gardens are self-growing and automated, that means you have less work with looking after them than a houseplant that needs watering every other day. So here you go, the solution to your fresh veggie needs if you do not have time for traditional gardening.

Support us and register your interest and you will be the first to know when the HydroArtPod is available to purchase early next year. Register here today and I will share an early adopter discount so you will get 25% off the unit. We can’t wait to see many happy faces around the world that can stop gardening and start growing their own veggies. Join the movement!

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