Not generally a combination you see together so often (at least not in public!).

Or so I thought.

Turns out, I was actually missing out on a pretty amazing superfood (which is of course my favourite type of food!).

So what’s so special about kale? How about outmuscling spinach in a fibre competition BY 300%! Take that, spinach. Imagine what Popeye could have been…….

Helps your immune system – and we ALL need that right now.

The antioxidants in kale clear toxins. Just in case any of you chaps out there have been building up toxins in your body somehow over, oh, about all your life.

And take a look at this. Have your heard of macular degeneration? Nasty condition that can rapidly lead to losing sight in the macula, the functional centre of the retina. Loss of function there leaves you with only peripheral vision to get by with, and no amount of reverse-parking skill will help you then. Well, kale is packed with carotene, lutein and xeaxanthin, which help to protect the macula and thus preserve eye health.

Maybe you already knew all this, or maybe you are new to it like me. Either way, the vote is in: the eyes have it! Kale is now on my schedule of fresh produce to grow at home.

Read more about the amazing health benefits of kale here, with some good recipes….

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