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Are you impatient? Do you want for seeds to grow fast and strong? Would you like to make sure the seeds you are planning to use are still good? Do you agree that it is nice to see that your seeds have sprouted before your plant them? Below is an quick guide how you can germinate that fast and make them little hero’s.

  1. Grab a container with a clear lid

    In order to germinate quickly they need to “sweat” and the best way to do this is to keep seeds moist by covering them with a clear lid. Clear because you want the sunlight to get through to your seeds.School kids with teacher growing food in class project

  2. Get some kitchen paper

    Use some kitchen towel, make it wet and drop it into your containerPortrait of senior woman watering plant herbs indoors at home

  3. Last step

    Now all you need to do is to drop your seeds onto the wet kitchen towel ( you might want to add a label so you remember what seeds they are) , close the lids and place it onto your window ceiling. That’s it! Now your wait for up to 7 days. After the first 24h you will see already the first sprouting. Lettuce and tomatoes often sprout quickly. health benefits of kale

  4. And now? Once they sprouted?

    Now you can take some tweezers take your seeds and plant them either into into your garden or into your hydroponic system! Keep them watered and see you little hero’s grow. Enjoy the home indoor garden

  5. You do not want to wait for your seeds to grow into seedlings?

    Another alternative to starting seeds yourself is to take a shortcut and go to a garden center and just buy young plants.

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