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The story behind the HydroArtPod — healthy, delicious, chemical-free food. Save big on your groceries. Easier than making coffee.

When people hear the word entrepreneur, they often think of someone daring and innovative, constantly taking risks and moving forward. We hardly talk about the ones who start small, with a little more than a dream and a lot of heart. 

This is the story of one such entrepreneur, Aline Pate. A story that will inspire anyone looking to start their own business or make a difference in the lives of everyone around them. Here is a story about how Aline began working on her invention, while navigating motherhood and being a wife.

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When I created HydroArtPod, I was frustrated with the quality of the plastic-wrapped food from the supermarket and often worried about how safe it is.”

This means that we have to find a way to increase food production by 110% from today’s level to meet the high demand for food as we currently know it.

Red tomato frog isolated on white background

No green thumb

As a mother of two, a wife, and a successful entrepreneur from Germany, Aline wanted a way to guarantee that the food her family consumes is fresh and chemical-free. So even though she had zero experience with gardening, she decided to grow her organic greens in her backyard.


There is just something about the freshness of organic produce that just can’t be beaten. Nothing tastes better than something you’ve grown yourself. But starting a garden can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? How much space do you need? How do you know which seeds are right, for what season? There’s just a lot to consider.

With Aline, every time she thought she was getting results, her tiny sprouts of green would have bugs eating holes in them. Sometimes, the growing process would take so long that she had to stop due to the unfavorable conditions of the seriously hot summer. She was clearly not getting the results she wanted.

Kicking off the Sustainable journey

Aline did not give up despite her busy life as a mother of two. She certainly had no time to manage a garden or deal with the challenges that came with it. So if she was going to make her wish of growing fresh, organic greens herself come true, the process had to be somewhat automated and require less time and effort than a regular garden. 

Aline wanted to build something beautiful enough to put inside her home and not have an ugly garden that takes up space.

She started researching sustainable living and ways to grow food indoors and learned about hydroponics — growing plants without soil, using only water and nutrients.

So in the past four years, after extensive research and testing out different materials and plants, she finally has a working, living indoor garden. All this hard work and dedication birthed an easy-to-use, very efficient, Smart, and elegant indoor garden system, a first of its kind.

woman in sportswear

Imagine doing so with the help of an App that lets you track the health of your plants and harvest fresh food all year round, whether you have a green thumb or not.

Making it easy

Unlike most indoor garden systems, the HydroArtPod is a soilless, easy to maintain, and fully automated system that makes indoor gardening a painless experience.

Imagine being able to grow 100% organic, chemical-free fruits and vegetables right from your kitchen wall.

Living green art

I made the HydroArtPod look like beautiful, living green art so you can hang it on your wall and enjoy fresh produce forever. Thanks to its mountable design, it only takes up minimal space on your wall. So if you ever thought you needed acres of land to have a garden, think again.”

A green future we all can be part of

“It has been a beautiful and rewarding journey to build HydroArtPod. Everyone who has seen it in my home wants it. Something built out of frustration is now a way for me and my family to get our dose of a fresh supply of greens when we need them the most. To see the impact this product could have on the environment is humbling.”

If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to grow food indoors, look no further than the HydroArtPod! This groundbreaking indoor garden system is a must-have for anyone looking to eat healthier, save time, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve their overall quality of life. 

With HydroArtPod, you can grow your own chemical-free, fresh fruits and vegetables right from the comfort of your kitchen wall. Simply download the companion app to track the health of your plants, manage water usage, and enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience.

“I have successfully launched HydroArtPod on Indiegogo to help me bring sustainable living to everyone, and the response has been great. So don’t wait – get started on your path to sustainability with HydroArtPod!”

Join the HydroArtPod Community now to nab the best deal before the special launch offer on Indiegogo disappears – only till 20th May!

Construction Vertical gardens Milan

Are you an employer? You know, of people? Tricky these days isn’t it, getting the most out of people?

For starters, you may not have seen each other for a long, long time. Everyone has been through a lot in that time, and as an employer you will only ever know the tiniest fraction about how people are going.

Some will be only too happy to see actual (non-related) humans again. Others will be resentful, having come to the deflating realisation that their fear of COVID-related health risks actually ranks behind their fear of losing their job. They may not love having that little bit of insight.

Young business people in formal clothes working in the office

The Employer's responsibility

As an employer, it’s not your job to make your employees feel motivated, happy and safe. How they feel is up to them, not you. You don’t have a remote control for that.

No, dear Employer, your role is to create the conditions where they CAN feel that way.

Let me ask you a non-trick question.

What do you think of when you hear “employee well-being“? Salary. Vacation allocation. Corporate culture. Opportunities for growth. All absolutely correct, in very different ways.

What about the space that they inhabit for upwards of 8 hours a day? No, I don’t mean their home office/living room/attic. Homeworking is the new norm of course, enforced by the COVID-19 health crisis.

But there is a NEW new norm coming. While it is to be hoped that many of those who wish to continue working from home are able to do so, it’s simply not going to remain the way it is right now in the depths of the world’s emergency response in dealing with the initial spread.

Many people are already heading tentatively back into the communal workplace. While the walls may be familiar, little else is. There is a different physical setup, creating separation amongst people we have brought in specifically so they can be together.

There’s also the psychological impact of congregating whom they simply need to trust are taking precautions outside the work environment.

Cheerful secretary

 How is Head-space impacted by "Body-space"?

There’s a lot of focus now on the impact the physical environment has on how employees feel. Why?

Some facts that may surprise you:

1. Allowing employees to control temperature in their workspace can have a 3.5% impact on productivity

2. Using high-performance lighting can result in 6.7% productivity increase

3.  Providing natural light or window views can increase productivity by up to 12%.

As companies look for an edge in today’s opaque business environment, investing in your people is your safest bet. If making a few changes to the physical space they work in can make a real difference, why wouldn’t you do that?

There’s your trick question – of course you would do it! The real question is HOW?

Standing man next to window with digital tablet

So I just stick a plant in the corner?

Actually there is a growing movement to provide structured guidance on how to offer your people a physical setting that helps them to deliver more productivity.

The WELL Building Standard is a platform for workplaces to create “more thoughtful and intentional spaces that enhance human health and well-being”. WELL offers research-based strategies across three key areas:

1. Setting standards for building design

2. Providing guidance on operational protocols and policies

3. Outlining measures to foster a culture of health and wellness.

The Standard has just been reviewed in light of all that is currently going on – WELL2 launches today, 24th September.

Stress Relief at Work

How does WELL work?

The WELL certification outlines the best practices an organisation should adopt in designing and operating a building to prioritise the health and well-being of employees.

There are 10 concepts for organisations to focus on:

The 10 WELL  Certification Concepts

As you would expect, there is a range of products and services available to help you set a strategy, assign resources, manage projects and measure outcomes.

Take Nourishment as an example of how a Concept works.  To meet certification requirements, the space should include at least one of the following:

a) Garden or greenhouse with food-bearing plants

b) Edible landscaping (eg fruit trees, herbs)

c) Hydroponic farming system.

Some of these are easier to implement than others. There are however new options available in germs of growing food-producing plants inside the building. 

Some criteria to look for:

– Self-contained

– Easy (ie automated) functioning

– Clean & hygienic

– Fits your office design

– Scalable

However you do it, the research is in: Working in a greened environment returns significant benefits in employee engagement, health and well-being with associated availability for work, resilience & capacity to handle stress, talent acquisition & retention, resource efficiency and productivity.

With coworkers at the office party

What are your people going to see from you?

As you bring people back into the workplace, they come back having observed how much you as an employer have visibly cared about their well-being while working remotely.

Does that care stop once they are “back”? Or are you going to show that you really do want to treat them WELL?

If so, you’d better get started! Fear not though, it’s a worthy endeavour – your people will love you for it.

Now, doesn’t that give you a reassuring sense of well-being?

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