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Manual Outdoor Garden vs Smart Indoor Garden: Which is for you?

Outdoor Garden vs Smart Indoor Garden

Live in an apartment and can’t find a way to practice your green thumb? Is the summer heat too daunting for you to polish your gardening skills outdoors? Afraid that the bugs will eat up your precious greens come change of season?

Well, all of your troubles are common, but they also have an easy solution: smart indoor gardening!

The truth is, people no longer have the time to invest in proper, old-fashioned gardening with the way that urban areas have evolved and lifestyles have changed over the years. This is why indoor gardening is becoming a trailblazing trend in the horticulture-cum-interior design industry. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about it:

What is outdoor gardening about and why is it outdated now?

Home gardening in outdoor areas used to be the norm when people lived in full-sized suburban homes with a front and backyard. But now that the real estate norms have changed and vertical living has become the new way of life, outdoor gardens are just not an option for many.

Yes, people still invest in rooftop gardens and the Gen-X homeowners still pride themselves on their lush outdoor landscapes, but it’s totally understandable that the popularity of outdoor gardens has gone down over the past few years.

Indoor garden in the room

Benefits of indoor gardening over outdoor gardening

Indoor gardening has a lot of unique benefits.  It is not only space-friendly, but has also made the process of growing so much smarter, easier, and convenient for everyone. No more mucking in the mud, dirty fingernails, toxic pesticides, and fights with seasonal pests!

While you’re a constant slave to climatic conditions, seasonal changes, pests, and soil conditions while gardening outdoors, it’s the complete opposite with indoor gardening. It not only presents you with an extended growing season, but also provides protection from pests, good weather control, and the ability to use plants as part of your home décor. Additionally, it helps purify the air quality of your living spaces and can also be used as an educational tool for your young ones.

Indoor Garden

The benefits of buying an indoor garden

A smart indoor garden is a great way to spruce up your interior designs with a bit of nature! Yes, concrete jungles are sexy, but having some fresh greens can help uplift the quality of your living space a lot.

Other than that, this version of home gardening is accessible for everyone. The plants that you grow indoors are easy to take care of. Feasibility aside, they provide the perfect opportunity for growing food at home. It’s a highly rewarding activity and most important of all, this closeness to nature can help instill a sense of calm inside of you.

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What are the options for indoor gardening

There are a variety of indoor gardening tools and options at your service these days. Out of all of them, hydroponics is at the top of the list. This system basically allows you to grow your plants indoors without the use of soil. The roots are suspended and grow in water that is infused with nutrients.

Along with full-sized hydroponic walls, homeowners are also fascinated with HydroArtPods, that feature small planter pods arranged like a tapestry on a wall-mounted artwork-sized backdrop. Both of these options are beautiful and highly feasible for even first-time gardeners.

Other than that, you can also explore grow-light planters, fast growing fabric pockets, and even garden-fish tank hybrids (this is called aquaponics).

What to look out for when buying an indoor garden

The ideal indoor garden is the one that requires minimal maintenance and effort from your side. Therefore it’s best to choose a smart one. A REALLY smart one, not just one with smart in the name. You should be able to control it with an app. It should do the monitoring and measuring of water and nutrients for you, so you don’t have to worry about it. Your ideal indoor garden should also be fast-growing, temperature-controlled, and organic. All of these qualities will help enhance its convenience in your lifestyle.

Food and food security and where we will be in 2050

As we’re hurtling towards an expected population growth of 9.8 billion by 2050, our food supplies are slowly regressing in comparison. Having an indoor garden is quite essential to sustain your future in these times. It’s a smart way to enhance your food storage. You can easily grow herbs, vegetables, and other edibles in a very compact, smart-growing way. By mastering the art of indoor gardening, you’re essentially investing in a reliable food source ahead of an upcoming food security crisis.


To sum it up, indoor gardening is a smart, economic, and convenient way to emulate greenery and create a reliable source of fresh food in your lives. Vertical living needs vertical framing: It’s a win-win and here to stay!


Every little helps and if each of us makes a small change, together we can have a really big impact.

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