The HydroArtPod macht die Arbeit fuer Sie!

Inspired by the lack of time and knowledge many of us have when it comes to gardening, this indoor garden takes care of your plants automatically.  Here’s how the indoor garden works.



to make growing at home effortless

The HydroArtPod solves all your concerns when it comes to planting your own vegetables: 

Not much space? We have you covered, just hang it up!  
No time? Don’t worry, it is fully automated! 
No green thumb? Relax! No skill required, just plug it in and start growing!  

Lots of mouths to feed? Not a problem with our family-sized capacity.

So how does the indoor garden work? The system not only supplies you with fresh produce for an entire month but it is also smart and notifies you if it needs attention.The smart grow channels keep the nutrient-rich water distributed evenly, which optimizes the level of air and water so the plant roots can thrive at all times.


What People Say

Here are a few people who have had experience with the HydroArtPod and agreed to share their views about how this smart indoor garden works for them.

"I am a busy working mum. My kids mean the world to me and I really want them to see how things grow even though we do not have a garden. I was happy to have found the HydroArtPod as it looked nice and was all in one unit. That is what made it so interesting for me as I really did not want to germinate seedlings on my windows. Watching the plants grow is great, you can see a change every day and my kids love caring for the plants too!"
"I really care about the environment and always found it troublesome that I had to rely on other people to produce my organic vegetables. I am a mother of 3 and really do not have time to garden myself. When I saw the HydroArtPod it appeared to me to be a fantastic idea!"
Hybnobirth Instructor
"I am a yoga teacher and being aligned with nature is important to me. I live in a climate where I cannot grow all year around and I also do not have outdoor space. I always wanted to be able to grow my own food but there was just nothing available that seemed to make sense without me needing to obtain a degree in horticulture. The HydroArtPod solves all that for me as I just hung it up my wall and plugged it in. It was really super easy and the harvest came within a matter of weeks."
Yoga Teacher
"I am a busy business woman and while I love to eat organic, I also care about good design. I am Swedish and I wouldn't want any ugly furnishing in my household even if it would allow me some homegrown food. When I discovered the HydroArtPod, I was firstly drawn by it because of its beauty. I thought it's a nice green picture that would fit nicely in my living room. As I explored further I got to know that it would serve a dual purpose and also grow my veggies for me. I love how convenient that is!"


Some impressions 

“I am so happy to be able to give my family home grown organic food. And the best is, it doesn't take any time. It grows by itself!"

- Laren Fahrenbach