Plant Lights

Grow anywhere in your house. Thanks to the integrated grow lights you can grow 365 days a year indoor.

Large Plant Support

Are you striving for more? We have you covered! Go beyond growing herbs and plant larger growing plants such as cucumbers or beans. 

Water Reservoir

The integrated water reservoir does the watering for you for up to 2 weeks so you have time to do other things.

Wall mounted
Green Art

Gardening can be more than just healthy eating.  The HydroArtPod ia a stunning wall feature too.

Smart home indoor garden #smart #smartgarden #indoorgarden #verticalgarden

Automated Operation

All you have to do is to add seeds, fill the water tank, add a fertilizer pod and switch it on. Leave it alone, watch it grow and simply harvest once ready.

Self Growing Chambers

Simply drop your seedpods into the grow chamber, switch it on and see it growing. That simple.

Ambient Light

Enjoy your evenings with the integrated ambient light that creates a warm setting for your movie night.

Go make me smart

Make it really easy and choose the smart version! It comes with an App and integrates with your smart home and can be voice controlled. Never worry about water levels or nutrients. Hassle free the App will alert you if it needs your support.

Feature Comparison

  • HydroArtPod Essential
  • Popular
    HydroArtPod Smart
Popular HydroArtPod Essential
HydroArtPod Smart
from AED3,000
from AED3,500
Plant Lights
These grow lights help your plants to grow even in the darkest corner of your home
Plant Support
Water Reservoir
Wall Mounted
Automated watering
Automated grow lights
Self Growing Chambers
Ambient Light
Multi colour ambient light can be controlled via the App
App and Voice Control
Manage your unit from your mobile phone. Get info on growth status, water consumption, light requirements and more. Switch it on or off via the app or change the colour of your ambient lighting.
Water and Light control
Control the time and amount of water you wish the system to use via the App.
Notifications on water and nutrient levels
Holiday - Away function
One-Click holiday mood that keeps your system growing while you are away.
Access to GrowCommunity
Join the Community of like minded. Share sucess stories, tips and tricks and recipes.
Smart Sensors
Smart sensors monitor the health of the system and flag issues. It tracks water levels and nutrients and integrates with the App for additional functions
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Product Overview

The HydroArtPod

You have spoken and we have listened. We have created two versions of the HydroArtPod. The Essential version allows you more manual control over the plant growth.

If you would rather have it simple, the Smart version of the HydroArtPod will manage the growth process for you and you can lean back and wait till you get a message on your phone that your fresh veggies are finished. Click on the video to view all functions and benefits. Video shows Smart version. 

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