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Get into shape – replace one meal a day with the HydroArtPod and you will feel lighter and healthier within days.

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The power of Leafy Greens


Know what you eat

Know what you eat! Get full control about your food, no hidden chemicals and super fresh!


All the vitamins

All the vitamins - You body deserves to eat the best. Ditch the day old produce from the store with little vitamins left - you do not need to compromise!


Infinite Greens

Just one meal a day! Eat one meal day from the HydroArtPod and see your weight-loss kickstarted.

The Eco System


Grows everything for you, automatically! And the best - it even grows when you are away.


Plant Food

Plant Food

Ready mix, Pre-dosed - you have nothing to worry about, just add to water and you are done!


Red Lettuce


Ready to use - a vast variety of of leafy greens and vegetables you can choose from.

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Lifestyle App

Know your nutritional intake, track your Co2 and get pop-up recipes based on your harvest.

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we are HydroArtPod

Don’t just get yourself a trainings plan and low carb cook book. Let us help you becoming the best of yourself. Our lifestyle app helps you not only to harvest at home but supports you with your weight loss, monitors your vitamins and offers healthy recipes.

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What will help you loosing weight?

You do not have to spend lot’s of money on weight loss shakes and process diet foods. Just one meal a day from the HydroArtPod helps you to get in shape.

Stop enjoying food
Replacing one meal with home grown produce
Changing to a more balanced diet

What Our Clients Say

John Tuss Art Director

“I wasn’t the biggest fitness guy, but thanks to HydroArtPod I finally found an easy way to harvest 100% organic at home! The setup is super easy and the App keeps me o track.”

Nadia Wissmann Mother of Two

“HydroArtPod took me to the next level of my healthy eating journey. The App is really top-notch, which is amazing considering the fact that the base functionality I needed came for free with the device!”

Julia Robins Fitness Trainer

“Highly recommended! They have such a big variety of seeds that I can always find something new and interesting for me based on what I’m in the mood for!”