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Soon we will be offering the HydroArtPod Subscription Club. Sign up below so you will be the first to know.

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HydroArtPod Subscription Club

Join the Community and save up to 35% of your regular supplies by joining to the HydroArtPod Subscription Club.


Get your fresh SeedPods delivered automatically to your home. No forgetting or setting reminders. We have you covered. You will get the newest iterations of available seeds we have as well as the SeedPods of your choice sent quarterly. The subscription package includes 15 Seedpods per quarter.

Plant Food

Keep your plants growing healthy and strong so that you can harvest the fruits of your work. Making sure your plants have just the right nutrition couldn't be easier, with our NuTrioPods®. When your personal growing assistant tells you to top up the plant food, just pop a NuTrioPod set into the water reservoir. Simple as that! You will receive 8 NuTrioPods each quarter with your subscription.

Extended Warranty

We are so happy that you want to form part of our Community and join the movement to grow at home. That's why we want you to be successful and offer an extended 1 year warranty when you subscribe for the first time.

Access to amazing recipes

From the day you plant your seeds (or even before!), start planning delicious ways to eat your homegrown veggies! You can upload your own favourites recipes, and you'll have access to an exclusive range of specially-designed recipes and meal plans from well-known lifestyle and wellness coach Mim Kleiberg (co-owner of THE ROOM Fitness and Lifestyle Clubs)

HydroArtPod GrowCommunity

Growing is fun, but it is even better if you can share your success with others. We have set up the HydroArtPod GrowCommunity not only to share success stories, tips and tricks but also because we know that sometimes your unit will produce a lot of greens that you might want to share with others or even swap. Or who knows - maybe you will meet that special person who shares the same passion about home growing as you do!

HydroArtPod Subscription Club

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