Feed your kids only the best and let them learn!

It’s a known fact that kids eat what they grow. Get your kids to start early and let them start their life with healthy eating habits !

Your new healthy lifestyle

Eating well supports your child’s healthy growth and development. The sooner you introduce wholesome, nutritious choices into a child’s diet, the easier they’ll be able to develop a healthy relationship with food that can last them a lifetime

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The power of Having A Choice - Harvesting at Home


Know what you eat

Know what you eat! Get full control about your food, no hidden chemicals and super fresh!


All the vitamins

All the vitamins - Your family deserves to eat the best. Ditch the day-old produce from the store with hardly any vitamins left - you do not need to compromise!


Infinite Greens

Never run out! Have smoothies, salads and cooked sides. A continuous supply of greens, every day!

Simple operation

The Eco System


Grows everything for you, automatically! And the best - it even grows when you are away.


Plant Food

Plant Food

Ready mixed, pre-dosed - you have nothing to worry about, just add to water and you are done!


Red Lettuce


Ready to use - a vast variety of of leafy greens and vegetables you can choose from.


Lifestyle App

Know your nutritional intake, track your CO2 savings and get pop-up recipes based on your harvest.


we are HydroArtPod

Let us help you taking care of your family by providing you a way to harvest natural fresh food for them without hassle and the normal work of gardening involved.

Become a super mum with ease as we have automated anything that would take your time, so you can spend it with your loved ones instead.

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How will your Lifestyle benefit?

Your family deserves to be looked after. Choose the easy way so you don’t have to use your precious time on remembering.

Feeling Healthier
Give essential vitamins to kids
Helping kids to build healthy habits

What Our Clients Say

John Tuss Art Director

“I wasn’t the biggest fitness guy, but thanks to HydroArtPod I finally found an easy way to harvest 100% organic at home! The setup is super easy and the App keeps me on track.”

Nadia Wissmann Mother of Two

“HydroArtPod took me to the next level of my healthy eating journey. The App is really top-notch, which is amazing considering the fact that the base functionality I needed came for free with the device!”

Julia Robins Fitness Trainer

“Highly recommended! They have such a big variety of seeds that I can always find something new and interesting for me based on what I’m in the mood for!”