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We help you with your sustainability agenda

Your employees and your customers care about the environment and they want to see you commit to sustainability.

You can use the HydroArtPod in your reception area or in your meeting rooms or staff rooms just to have a little nature in the office, or you can go bigger and use the produce in your canteen.

commit to sustainability

Nice design, green your office & show your commitment

Bring a little nature into your office environment and place a few HydroArtPod units on your walls. Not only will they look great and clean the air, but staff will also enjoy the feel of nature as a result. 

commit to sustainability

In it together

More people today make values-based decisions on who they work for, evaluating how well the company fits with their own views. Differentiate your employee value proposition (EVP) and thus drive competitive advantage by showing that you are aligned with their values when you commit to sustainability.

commit to sustainability

You are what you eat

Promote the physical well-being of your people by serving fresh produce grown right on your premises for your canteen. Healthy and happy employees are more engaged and therefore more productive.

Learn about sustainable food production
sustainability in your Office

HydroArtPod & WELL - Sustainability partners

Looking to get your office WELL certified and needing ideas for easy credits? We can help you together with WELL-accredited consultants to make your office a better place to work.


Show your customers you care!

By adopting sustainability measures such as green walls in your office or growing fresh produce in your offices with hydroponic gardens to use in your canteen, you can demonstrate that you are not just a commercial organization but also committed to the well-being of the environment, your staff and ultimately your customers.

Read about why we care in Our Story.


Have an impact

The United Nations Habitat in conjunction with the World Urban Form have established 17 goals to transform our word. Be part of it, make a change and commit to sustainability.


Every Sign of Commitment Helps

It’s not just about spending money on sustainably sourced paper for your printer, it’s about showing and educating your staff on how to recycle in the office, how to reduce resources and that reusing can be fun. Cater with fresh filtered water instead of offering bottles. Grow your own fresh produce for the office cafeteria.

And if you are really committed to make an even greater change, look to get your office WELL certified. This is a global initiative to help ensure that workplaces are designed and operated with a people-centric approach. There are lots of things you can do to achieve this, and installing some HydroArtPods in your office can also count towards meeting the certification!

To read more about WELL certification click here.


Sustainability - A Better Place to Work

A vast amount of data clearly shows the relationship between creating green spaces at work and employees’ well-being and engagement. 

What if you could do something that would make 76% of your people feel more energised at work?  You can! This is just one of the potential benefits of having plants at work.  

According to research from the University of Twente and property consultants CBRE, the addition of plants to the workplace environment brings with it multiple benefits, such as improved concentration, self-discipline and physiological stress, as well as providing improved thermal and noise control. 

When they see their employer committed to things they care about, employees give more. Happy and engaged people deliver much higher productivity.  

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commit to sustainability