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Teaching Our Future Sustainably

So many children today only see food in its packaged state. No wonder many struggle to make a connection between what they eat and where it comes from, with little opportunity to learn about sustainable food production.

We need to help our children develop a strong understanding of how food is produced, and the impact that different production methods can have on the world they will one day inherit. 

Creating a synergy between their home and school environments leads to powerful and healthy attitudes towards food quality and sustainable food production.

FREE Storybook

A lovely story about a boy and his brother who were determined to make the world a better place. They decided to start a project and grow a tomato plant at home.

Despite several setbacks, they learned what it takes to grow a plant and not to give up easily. The patience was rewarded and made the project a success and a big hit with his friends in school.

For Jamie and Ben, who loved Mummy's project so much that they made it their own story.

Learn about sustainable food production - services

Educate to Sustain

Create opportunities for children to see and experience the sustainable production of some of our most fundamental food needs. Teach them to take responsibility for growing fresh, healthy, nutritious food. Let them see how easy it can actually be, and feel the pride in their achievements.

Contact us for more information about hydroponics and DIY manuals to build in your school.

Learn about sustainable food production

Eat Well at School

Are you looking for a better approach to healthy fresh food for your canteen?  Go big and dedicate an entire wall to your indoor garden. Or use one of the many school corridors. We can help you work out solutions to safeguard equipment and plants. 


Grow. Sustain. Enjoy.

Get one of our indoor gardens up on your wall in your classroom for all kids to track progress and experience the joy of growing food together.  The more they are involved in the sustainable production of healthy food, the more they will want to eat well at home too. 


Spread the word into the world.

Deliver on your school’s sustainability agenda by getting in touch to see how we can help you. Let’s spread the word and allow students and their families to engage and be part of the school’s aim to build a better future for our kids.

Read more here about why we feel so strongly on sustainable food production and what kids learn from being involved.

Maybe take some inspiration from what others are doing around the world to reconnect eaters and producers ….. We can all help!