The new HydroArtPod

The smart way of gardening

The HydroArtPod is a smart home indoor growing garden kit enabling you to grow many of your favourite vegetables at home.



HydroArtPod is a smart home indoor growing garden kit designed to make it easy for you! It’s simple to set up, there’s minimal maintenance, and you don’t need any gardening knowledge as it’s all managed for you. 


HydroArtPod is super-efficient.  Water is recycled within the closed system, and specialised grow lights optimise plant growth.  Unique support arms allow for larger plants and the large capacity meets a household’s needs indefinitely.  HydroArtPod is wall-mounted to fit into any space, big or small.


HydroArtPod’s smart technology helps you get the best results while living a busy life. You don’t need to remember when to change the water or worry about switching on the lights – the app takes care of it for you. 


The stunning minimalistic design with its gorgeous ambient light looks great anywhere, especially as a feature in your living room.

Features & Benefits

Stop Gardening, Start Smart Growing!

Learn how easy it is to grow fresh food at home with this smart home indoor growing kit.


Space Efficient Home Growing

The HydroArtPod is not only space efficient by hanging on the wall instead of using floor space but it also becomes a very individual piece of Art – even before the plants have grown. Save your precious living area and instead grow on the wall.


Let smart technology make it easy

The functions of this indoor garden are fully automated. It makes it so easy – you can just enjoy! The integrated sensors measure light, water and fertilizer, and automatically determine the required action. If it requires input from you, it will let you know.


Feed your Family

This indoor garden allows you to grow more than 30 plants at once thus allowing you to feed your family every single day.  You have the option to either harvest complete plants or just use a few leaves of each, so you can enjoy for longer. You’ll never run out of fresh produce as you can rotate your crop through growing cycles.

All in one

Fully Integrated

The HydroArtPod combines all features into one design. Germinate, grow and harvest all in the HydroArtPod. There is no need for any extra equipment. And for times when you are away on your well deserved vacation the HydroArtPod has a holiday function so you can go with piece of mind.

smart home indoor garden

App Connected

This smart garden allows you to monitor the health of your plants as well as water and nutrition levels from your smart phone and it informs you once your salad is ready! It comes with integrated ambient light that creates a lovely ambiance even if the garden is pausing.


Grow all your favourites

The HydroArtPod can grow lots of different fruits and vegetables. This way everyone in your family gets what they want. The App comes with recipes and a community function, so you can find like-minded growers nearby, exchange tips and even let them know if you have too much produce and want to share.

smart home indoor garden


There is no need to treat your plants with chemicals. Growing indoors mostly eliminates the risk of pests. Not only that, by gardening yourself at home, you know exactly how your food has been grown, and your fresh food can go from pot to plate in 60 seconds preserving all the vitamins!


365 Days Indoor Growing

Thanks to the integrated high-efficiency grow lights, the HydroArtPod can grow lots of different fruits and vegetables all year around no matter the climate or even where it is positioned in your home.

Make a difference with smart home growing

Each of us plays an important role on this planet. We all together can really make a change. Sometimes though people are not sure where to start. Why not start by benefitting both your family and the world around us.

An accumulation of small changes

What if each indoor garden unit helped to reduce carbon footprint? What if each vertical farming system would save valuable water resources? What if we could finally be in the position again to know where our food is coming from and as a result enjoy it with satisfaction that it is free from chemicals and pesticides? To show our kids that food doesn’t grow on the supermarket shelf but is actually easy to produce ourselves?

Indoor hydroponic garden units can help us achieve exactly that. Just like individuals started to integrate Photo-voltaic (solar) panels to produce their own electricity at home, imagine the impact if over time each family owned an indoor farm, producing what they need at home?  Think of the plastic packaging their food doesn’t need, the fuel and transportation it doesn’t require, and finally the food wastage that just won’t happen.

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