Impactful future-focused ecosystem for every urban community and household

Fully enclosed and self-operating Grow Room contributing to ESG metrics

Proprietary Software to automate the hydroponic growing process

Digital twin model to optimise operations and data analytics

Client App with access to Carbon Tracking and Vitamin monitoring

Ecosystem with pre-dosed plant food and seedpods

1-Day installation

Ships ready to connect


Consumables and Service Contract

Save money

AED 50 per person per month

Data analytics

Digital Twin & Monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Energy-efficient controlled environment Grow Rooms are an essential part of combating climate change
  • Renewable Energy – PV supported to allow off-grid operation
  • Bringing production closer to the point of consumption cuts down on emissions
  • Fully protected environment doesn’t require pesticides, herbicides or fungicides

Designed and Built with fast growing, low impact materials

Minimizing carbon during construction and operation  (source locally, low electricity use, and minimize waste)

Accounting for all GHG emissions, offsetting those with aim to become net carbon negative

  • Food is grown locally and is more easily accessible.
  • No food production for commercial viability. Only food that residents want will be cultivated and harvested just-in-time, hence eliminating food waste
  • Food grows local and is harvested on the spot, hence no transportation is needed which in turn means no plastic and paper packaging is needed