Rather spread the cost over time? We have you covered. Together with our partners you can now be part of the subscribers and pay monthly.


Pay as you go - Coming soon!

Our goal is to enable as many people as possible to start growing at home, allowing them to become independent from the big supermarket chains or the bad weather and bugs outside. 

For that very reason, we have partnered with a provider that allows you to sign up for a 12 month subscription package that includes the smart growing unit as well as all the supplies your could possibly need for the first 12 months. That way you can get going straight away!

How does it work?

So you are thinking of joining? Hurray! We are glad that you want to join the movement and start growing at home. 

We have made a summary below of what’s included in your package. In summary, the Package includes everything you need for the first 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about buying anything else. And it comes with warranty so even if something breaks you are covered. You see we tried to make it bullet proof!

Once your order is confirmed, we will send you the HydroArtPod growing unit with the starter package. This gets you going straight away. Each quarter thereafter for a total 4 quarters you will get new SeedPods and NuTrioPods as well as all the features our subscribers benefit from.

Once the 12 months are over, you can renew your subscription or discounted supplies, or order and pay for new supplies as you go.


Soon you will be able to select “Payment Provider” at the checkout page. Go ahead and check out as normal. The page will redirect you to our partner where you can input a few details. Once submitted and approved, you will receive an email confirming your order with information on when the first shipment will arrive!

smart home indoor garden


Not only can you avoid having to pay upfront for the unit, but you will also be joining our HydroArtPod Subscription Service which means your are saving up to 35% on all the supplies you are receiving quarterly. Don’t worry – the costs of the first 12 months’ supply are all covered within your initial package order. So you can sit back and just enjoy growing amazing fresh food.

Why buy 2 units?

You might wonder why we suggest buying two units. While one unit supplies your family with fresh greens, not all plants can be grown within the same system. 

That’s because different plants have different needs when it comes to their water!

So if you plant to grow tomatoes and spinach, then you might want to think of getting two units as both plants require different nutrition. Both together would grow ok but not necessarily thrive within the same HydroArtPod.

While this seems a bit of a nuisance, you will be glad to hear that most edible plants only fall within two categories and hence having two units gets you covered for a vast variety of plants out there.

What you will get:

  • HydroArtPod Package 1
  • HydroArtPod Package 2
HydroArtPod Package 1HydroArtPod Package 2
from AED4,000
for 12 months
from AED7,500
for 12 months
HydroArtPod Unit1 x Unit2 x Units
SeedPods90 Pods180 Pods
PlantNutrientsfor 12 Monthsfor 12 Months
HyrdoArtPod Community
HydroArtPod Subscription Club
Reserve NowReserve Now

The unit will become your own after 12 months once you have made the final payment. At that time you can renew your subscription to the HydroArtPod Subscription Club to continue receiving your discounted supplies or you can order as you go.