Indoor Garden

The HydroArtPod

Its a smart indoor garden device, designed for you for growing vegetables indoors fully automatically. It is as easy as making coffee with coffee pods with virtually no time or effort required. It’s perfect for busy families like yours, especially if you want healthy chemical-free eating but your are lacking the time, space, knowledge or climate to grow at home. This indoor garden device enables you to grow year-round in any climate, accordingly its fun to use.

Indeed, healthy chemical-free eating awareness is growing. Yet you might know of a few products, that can help everyday busy families like yours with an easy way to break your dependence on the long and costly food chain.


You can grow up to 30 plants at a time, therefore allowing you to go through continuous cycles of growing and harvesting. This enables you to be independent from retailers for your fresh greens. HydroArtPod is the only product with extendable support arms to support  your plants as they grow larger.

The space efficiency is maximised by mounting your unit onto the wall, thus lets you easily fit it into even the smallest living or working space.


We designed it to be seen, hence the unit looks modern and elegant and has stylish ambient backlighting, which means that you can be proud to have it on display.

HydroArtPod delivers three main benefits to you:

  1. Healthy eating:
    The public is more aware of the benefits of eating fresh nutrient-dense food than before. Like many others, you want easy access to healthy food. The HydroArtPod enables you to grow your own food (and flowers!) year-round. Rather than being consumed up to a month after being harvested, preserved with toxic chemicals and having lost much of its nutritional value, food grown at your home can be 60 seconds from wall to your plate and this ensures you get 100% of the nutritional value of the plants.
  2. Sustainable living:
    The start of the global COVID pandemic led many of us to rethink our lifestyle, therefore we started to aim to reduce our impact on the environment. Food with more air miles than yours is no longer seen as a positive, due to the carbon emissions and plastic packaging that come with storing and transporting fresh goods across the globe. The HydroArtPod is a way that you and any household, business, school or government entity can contribute to this. In addition, by harvesting only what you need, you can virtually eliminate food waste.Education:
    Many families in urban environments have little visibility of the food
  3. Sustainability:
    HydroArtPod is designed for you. It uses materials and manufacturing processes to help reduce the impact on the environment. It contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals in the following way:
    • #2 – Zero Hunger
    • #3 – Good Health & Wellbeing
    • #4 – Quality Education
    • #11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities
    • #12 – Responsible Consumption & Production.

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