At the heart of the HydroArtPod are our SeedPods. They contain seeds that produce greens that are not only delightful to taste, but that are also easy for you to grow. The seeds we select stay compact and give you a high nutritional content.

We want you to enjoy a mix of fresh greens, hence we offer you various seeds types. Many of seeds are organic certified as well as some hybrid variances.

HydroArt does not knowingly offer  you genetically modified seeds. Our breeders use traditional, painstaking methods of natural crossing to create hybrid seeds that are healthy and safe. All plant species we use have been tested within the HydroArtPod. Accordingly, we offer you only selected seeds that deserve a space in your home.

We partner only with certified industry seed producers that test their seeds in labs regularly. HydroArt sets and maintains minimum germination requirements to make sure you enjoy the process of growing. To ensure that your seed germination rates remains optimal, we store our seeds in a climate-controlled environment before we ship to you.

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