Our SeedPods contain organic seed varieties for top-notch flavor, quality & yield.

Our SeedPods come with top-notch flavor, quality and yield.  Our selection of edible flowers look  spectacular in your living room or offices. Seeds use in the SeedPods have no GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other suspicious substances. 

Edible Flower

Our HydroArtPod makes  home gardening super easy. It comes ready to use. and takes complete care of your veggies  and flowers – it waters them and ensures that they get enough light. Despite the innovative smart hydroponic technology involved, plants grow naturally. Just hang the device, add water, and let the HydroArtPod take care of everything else!

The growth medium used in the SeedPods offers an optimum basis for water, oxygen, and nutrients to support plant growth. Ensuring your plants get the food they need to grow. The sensors and software in the HydroArtPod continously measure the vitals of your plants and make sure the growing condition is perfect. Unlike other devices, the HydroArtPod does not need to be kept near the light, thanks to its integrated grow lights it operates in the darker corner.

Each Pack comes with 3 SeedPods allowing you to mix and match various different types of plants in your HydroArtPod device. We want to make sure that you have fun and see results quickly which is why our selection of leafy greens germinates within a matter of 48h.

All our seeds are of organic origine and are hand selected. New varieties are becoming available on a continuous basis. SeedPods can be stored unopened for up to 12 months