Disclaimer on Nutrient Recommendations: Dietary Reference Intakes 

The recommendet daily nutritional values have been sourced from FNDDS Nutitional Value 2017-2018 report that presents a comprehensive set of reference values for nutrient intakes for healthy U.S and Canadian populations.

The report establishes a set of reference values for various vitamins and minerals. Although the reference values are based on data, the data were often scanty or drawn from studies that had limitations in addressing the various questions that needed to be dealt with in order to develop reference values for these nutrients and food components. Thus, scientific judgment was required in setting the reference values.

Nutrient reference values (NRVs) are a set of values used in nutrition labelling derived from authoritative recommendations for daily nutrient intake. These recommendations are based on best available scientific knowledge of the daily amount of energy or nutrient needed for good health.

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