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״This piece of art helped me to be more sustainable while eating super healthy!״

A New Breed of Smart Indoor Garden

Harvesting super fresh produce at home completely effortlessly has never been easier

Fully Automated

No active watering or looking after required. If the device needs support the App will notify.

Hangs & Stands

The HydroArtPod fits on any wall or can stand wherever you want, even in the darkest corner.

Instant Growth

See the first plants growing within 48h from switching the indoor garden on!


The HydroArtPod doesn’t leak and uses recyclable materials.

Get Your Smart Indoor Garden and Start Your Healthy Lifestyle.

Create new habits at home, ditch the day-old lettuce and pick fresh every day.

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Product Features

Energy-efficient, uses as little energy as a fish tank.

Thanks to the integrated SAMSUNG grow lights, you can grow large fruiting plants anywhere

Sleek design and durable - Your living green wall art at home

Grows 30 plants simultaneously

Indoor Garden App
Happy family eating from indoor garden

Integrated plant support to carry your cucumbers and tomatoes.

Add to your home's atmosphere with integrated ambient light

Fully automated, comes with a smart app so you can manage the device from anywhere

Uses 90% less water and grows 3x as fast as in an outdoor garden

Get Your HydroArtPod and Feel the Vibe

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