Do it yourself - Hydroponic Garden

You do not always have to buy everything. If you enjoy crafting and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, try to build your own hydroponics indoor garden.

Build your own

Home Gardening is fun and helps to make a difference. Hydroponics are good systems to grow sustainably as they need 90% less water than growing in soil. Build your own hydroponics indoor garden by just using off-the-shelf IKEA items.

If you have a few tools and a little space this makes for a nice weekend project. The system as shown here was designed by Antonio Scarponi and you can get all the details from his book.


Build your own hydroponics garden

Feel like having it the easy way?

If you prefer to buy a ready-made system, you can find helpful information about how to choose the right indoor garden here. If you are interested in one of our products you can visit our product page and see what’s on offer.

Or buy ready made

While it’s fun to build your own hydroponics garden, it also means time and effort. Building a vertical garden is not too difficult but making sure your plants have what they need to grow can be challenging if you are starting from scratch. Contact us on if you would like to obtain free instructions.