A Sustainable Experience

We care about our environment and we know you do too. This is why we have invented the HydroArtPod. We want you and the world to be able to experience it too and understand the difference it can make to sustainability in our busy lives.  

Read more about sustainability and our story here.

Indoor Garden & Sustainability

Indoor gardening offers so much in support of sustainable living – water conservation, chemical and pesticide-free growing, air purification, reduced reliance on long food chain, and much more.

Join a Movement

If you care about both your food and the environment, you are joined by many millions from all walks of life, all around the globe.

Read this blog on the rise of indoor gardening as a phenomenon. Here is an article on how millennials are driving this indoor gardening trend.

Sustainable food production

Recycled and recyclable packaging

We truly believe in the holistic approach when it comes to sustainability, this is why most of our packaging comes from recycled content and can be put into recycling again.

Recycling and sustainability

Natural and recycled

With nature in mind our products are designed to use recycled material or fast growing and responsibly-sourced natural resources such as bamboo. So you can be sure that your purchase will actually help the environment not harm it.

home growing

We are mindful

We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure they meet our standards of environmental care during the production process.