A Sustainable Experience

We care about our environment and we know you do too. This is why we have invented the HydroArtPod. We want you and the world to be able to experience it too and understand the difference it can make to sustainability in our busy lives.  

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Indoor Garden & Sustainability

Indoor gardening offers so much in support of sustainable living – water conservation, chemical and pesticide-free growing, air purification, reduced reliance on long food chain, and much more.

Join a Movement

If you care about both your food and the environment, you are joined by many millions from all walks of life, all around the globe.

Read this blog on the rise of indoor gardening as a phenomenon. Here is an article on how millennials are driving this indoor gardening trend.

Sustainable food production

Recycled and recyclable packaging

We truly believe in the holistic approach when it comes to sustainability, this is why most of our packaging comes from recycled content and can be put into recycling again.

Recycling and sustainability

Natural and recycled

With nature in mind our products are designed to use recycled material or fast growing and responsibly-sourced natural resources. 

home growing

We are mindful

We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure they meet our standards of environmental care during the production process.


Why we care and how we help you to be a sustainable consumer

We at HydroArt feel strongly about Sustainability and the impact the production of our goods can have on the environment. We have therefore looked at all aspects of our products and business to serve this end.

From designing the device in a way that allows it to be repaired, to the choice of materials we use, location and techniques for manufacturing up to the packaging, it has all been developed with the goal to make our operations as sustainable as possible. This means you can make a guilt-free purchase, knowing that a real effort has been made to make our products environmentally positive.


We have reviewed various options to reduce the amount of packaging in the first place as we believe that less is more – the less material to be manufactured and recycled all helps our environment. There are however areas where we simply cannot avoid protective packaging to make sure you get your goods in good condition. We have done extensive research to determine which materials we use to fulfil the specifications we need, making maximum use of renewable resources, minimizing CO2 impact during production, allowing you to recycle or biodegrade materials in your compost.

Sustainable Materials

The sustainable packaging materials we have selected use mainly natural plant-based materials which are 100% compostable or are of recycled, bio-based or renewable material from well managed sources. Some of them might look like ordinary plastics or paper but are in fact made out of cornstarch, sugarcane or indeed stone instead of non-renewable resources such as traditional packaging. This is key to us as we care about leaving resources for future generations.

We are here to help you to take action to protect our Earth now. We believe that it is our responsibility to facilitate sustainability efforts of our customers by providing them the tools that would make it easier for their green initiatives.


Less is more in terms of sustainability and we have looked at all aspects of the product to make sure it has a purpose and minimized anything that has no role to play. In The Philosophy of Sustainable Design, Jason F. McLennan said designers should “eliminate negative environmental impact completely through skillful, sensitive design.” We have taken this to heart and our engineers have worked tirelessly to find ways to produce our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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We established and followed key principles during the design and production of any of our products, such as the use of non-toxic, sustainably-produced, or recycled materials which have a lower environmental impact than traditional materials. We have also shortened supply chains to minimize CO2 emissions from transportation between raw materials, production facility and warehousing.

All our products use manufacturing processes leveraging latest technology and machinery, which are more energy efficient than traditional processes and end products.

The materials we have chosen for our products are longer-lasting and better-functioning, meaning they will have to be replaced less frequently. Our products can be repaired, which reduces the impact of producing replacements.

We have also considered the end of our product lifecycle and designed our products for easy recycling. We make them easy to disassemble so that the parts can be separated and therefore more easily reused to make new products.

Using product life cycle analysis tools helped us to find a design solution that is more sustainable than competitors’ products.

Business operations

We take a holistic approach to Sustainability, so our desire to make things better goes beyond design and production methods. Our entire business operations have been geared to minimize our impacts on the environment. From movement-detecting efficient LED lights in our offices, to the reduction of email correspondence amongst our team, we continuously look at ways we can reduce our impact and in turn make choices that are beneficial to our environment.

Devil is in the Details

You will be surprised but even the labels you will find on our products are made from water-soluble materials.

While we have taken measures to be as environmentally friendly as we can be at this point in time, our promise to you is that we are not stopping here. We are continuously monitoring ways for efficiencies in all aspects of our business and will continue to improve. For example, we are currently testing extensive use of a material made of 90% recycled waste and scraps using patented techniques.

price tag label
Portrait Of Male Owner Of Sustainable Plastic Free Grocery Store

Want to know more?

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