About Us

The HydroArtPod is a smart home hydroponics indoor garden

It enables you to grow many of your loved vegetables at home. 

Aline Pate
– Founder and Innovator

When I had the idea to build an indoor garden, it was not because my first idea was to make a business out of it. I wanted to do my part to help our environment.

My intention was for everyone to be able to grow their food at home without much effort.

Being a working mum, I know what it means to to organize a family. I knew I did not have much time to garden, however I really wanted to know what my family was eating.

Organic produce is expensive and I wanted to find another and cheaper way of having healthy food.

I started to test and build several prototypes to find out what worked well and what didn’t. The aim was to make it self-sustaining, less work than looking after an aquarium.

I then developed a prototype that did all what I had in mind and even more. It:

  1. Produced food at home
  2. Cleaned the air
  3. Calmed and soothed us
  4. Set our circadian rhythm (grow lights on a mobile app controlled timer)
  5. Made us proud to produce something instead of just endlessly consuming products and packaging
  6. Became a centerpiece of
    my social life
  7. Looked fantastic on our wall especially at night with its ambient light.
  8. Connected us with nature, in the middle of Abu Dhabi
  9. Made us smile when were teaching our kids (yes — kids love to be involved in this method of organic hydroponics growing), planting seeds, and harvesting fresh bounty

I felt that everyone should be able to do have such a wonderful indoor garden at home and hence I wanted to share it with the world.

As I care about the environment I wanted to make a change. I truly believe that every little helps and by bringing the HydroArtPod to market I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join the movement and make a difference. It’s not just about having a lovely green wall at home for your own benefit, but by growing at home your are helping the self but also do the right thing by reducing your demand for food that is globally produced, packed and shipped across the planet.

Why not grow at home, so we know about the quality of what we eat and we know it’s fresh, instead of paying money toward multi national industries that only care about their profits and less about the nutritional value of the products they are selling us.

For years we only saw the benefits of the global economy, but the downside is now evident. Let’s go back to the roots and try to produce our food locally and save our planet.

While the HydroArtPod is really space efficient, with people in small apartments in mind, if you would rather build one yourself please find a DIY instruction here.

The HydroArtPod is unique as through exhaustive research and trial and error, we have developed a product that fuses food production with added benefits to help people’s everyday needs.

The intention was for it to be beautiful and have a practical design with the added feature of smart-tech functionality to create a product that you will proudly show to your friends, and share with your children.

If you want to join the Club, you can sign up here, so you get always the latest news about how we try to make our environment a better place, step by step. We are a small team of talented professionals and truly believe we can make a change. If you want to support us and our ambition try one of our units or build your own.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion!