The Benefits


The HydroArtPod is unique as it combines the most wanted features all in one device.

Easy Set Up

Energy Efficient

95% Less Water

Vacation Mode

Space Efficent

Easy to Maintain

Wall hanging

Living Green Art

Ambiance Lighting

Fully Automated

Grow up to 30 plants

Integarted grow light

Sleek Design

Water Sterilizer

Plant support

365d of harvest

Grows faster

No Pests


No dirty Hands

Technical Specifications


Energy Efficient Grow Lights

We are using the latest LED grow technology. Our lights have 3500K Full Spectrum – Full Cycle Growing with Amazing Yields. 3500 Kelvin Colour Temperature is also known as neutral white. The advantage of this type of color temperature is that it is comfortable to the eyes while usable for plants throughout the whole cultivation cycle. It is a spectrum perfect for seedling, growth, flower and fruiting stages. The entire system is so energy efficient that it just uses as much as a traditional light bulb.

small LEDs on a round plate in production
Water drop fall into water

Water Efficency

We are using a high efficiency and high quality water circulation system to keep the plants watered. The system works automatically but can be tuned manually. It has an Ultra-Quiet Design and has a low power consumption of approx. 35 Watt. The pump operates only occasionally to save energy but keep plants watered throughout the day.

Ambient light

Our indirect lighting is there to give your room some atmosphere. Our light strips are smart and can be controlled via our app. Choose color and, light intensity.All very simple from your smart phone. (Only available with HydroArtPod smart)

Colored defocused lights background.