You can grow almost anything in a hydroponics garden.

What you can grow in a hydroponics garden

It’s an ideal way to grow lettuce, kale and other leafy greens, as well as many fruits, plus kitchen and medicinal herbs, providing fresh, safe produce right at home. You can even grow larger plants, like tomatoes, or any other crop that you may fancy. Don’t forget that larger plants will need supports to grow well, but don’t worry – HydroArtPod has you covered with its unique integrated support arms.

grow in a hydroponics garden
vegetables in hydroponics garden
Little Gem lettuce
green cucumber with leaves and flower isolated on white
Green Peas
Ruby chard (silverbeet, mangold) leaves, paths
green beans
Green Cabbage Kale
red and yellow pepper isolated on white background
Cherry tomatoes
Lettuce green
grow green vegetable in hydroponics garden
Sprig of basil.

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