You can do it

It is easy

to grow with a self-growing indoor garden

The world we all live in has changed forever. Things that we took for granted just a few months ago, such as how we interact with each other and a regular supply of food suddenly face huge disruption. Having your own home indoor garden can help.


Indoor Garden

Smart home indoor gardens shows your kids how our food is produced.

In his 1913 autobiography, Theodore Roosevelt (US President 1901-1909) effectively “retweeted” one of his favourite sayings: “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.”  In other words, let’s all do our bit, and not just wait for someone else to solve all our problems.


Today we can’t control everything, but we can control some things. As a result, let’s start by changing the way our food is produced. First of all let’s start to grow more healthy vegetables and produce. This is a growing trend both for households and restaurants. Consumers go to increasing lengths for food that is as natural and local as possible. 

In fact, the National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot 2019 Culinary forecast” was topped by locally-producing restaurants. Consequently individuals or households seem like they are starting a new trend

Because many of us are busy we do not venture into gardening or growing tomatoes at home. But maybe now’s the time to give it a try with a Smart home indoor garden.

Solving a problem

How can a home indoor garden help you?

Indoor gardening solves various problems for you. Wondering how to lose weight and how to be healthy? Eating fresh homegrown produce is a great place to start. It allows you to always serve super-fresh, vitamin-rich, organically grown vegetables to your family, food that is free-from pesticides and herbicides. That’s smart agriculture – welcome to the world of AgriTech!

It even helps with the air quality as the plants you grow will doubly benefit your well-being. They enhance your immune system by providing valuable vitamins and they clean the air you breathe. The more plants you can grow, the greater the benefit.


The added benefits of a smart home indoor garden are overwhelming

An added benefit that some systems have is the aesthetic aspect of seeing plants growing, especially if the indoor plant kits have been designed well. You’ve seen “green walls” in restaurants, shopping malls and company offices? Doesn’t it look refreshing and make you feel closer to nature to see these?  What if you could have your very own green wall?  Every time you look at it you would feel good about how you are caring for your family and your environment.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Sure, but who has the time and know-how to do all this?”, we at byAlinePate are right there with you.  Most people haven’t the time, gardening knowledge or space to feel comfortable getting started with an indoor garden. 

Which is why we have made it simple for you. The HydroArtPod is a clever system that manages everything for you.


What's in it for you?

Our patented home indoor gardening unit enables you to harvest vegetables, herbs and many more. And the best thing is: you always know what’s on your plate, since you grew it! 

Everyone can be an urban farmer with our hydroponic solution – you don’t need a backyard, balcony or even floor space to grow your own vertical farm at home. 

You can put it anywhere you want and within a few weeks you can see great results.


Start growing food locally!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people make their lives better by bringing new ways to solve real, everyday problems

The HydroArtPod is a smart home indoor garden which enables you to grow many of your loved vegetables at home.  By being able to grow your own food locally, you are guaranteed maximum food freshness and nutrition. Just as you like it!

Through exhaustive research and trial and error, we have developed a product that fuses food production with people’s everyday needs.


Our Vision

Our vision is to allow every person to be able to feed themselves fresh healthy food and be independent from global food chains while at the same time helping the environment by producing locally.

Combining proven hydroponic technology, beautiful and practical design, and smart-tech functionality to create a product that you will proudly show to your friends, and share with your children.

As a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience, we love what we do, and we do it with passion.

Be a better you​

Start today!

Each of us plays an important role on this planet. We all together can really make a change. Sadly, though making a change takes effort and sometimes money and not many people are willing to engage without the prospect of becoming a better individual themselves.

What if each indoor garden unit helped to reduce carbon footprint? And if each vertical farming system would save valuable water resources? What if we could finally be in the position again to know where our food is coming from and enjoy it with satisfaction that the produce that was grown is free from chemicals and pesticides?


Smart home indoor garden units can help us achieve exactly that. Just like individuals started to integrate Photo-voltaic (solar) panels to produce their own electricity at home, imagine the impact if over time each family owned an indoor farm, producing what they need at home? Think of the plastic packaging it doesn’t need, the fuel and transportation it doesn’t require, and the food wastage that just won’t happen.

The more people who adapt to producing locally within urban environments, the more sustainable and better it is for our environment.  And now it’s so easy to be part of it! Join the movement to a better future with more of our daily needs being produced locally instead of being transported internationally. Every one of us and every little difference we can make counts! Read more here.

No time to waste

Reduce time & Effort

It’s efficient, easy to set up, mobile and incredibly productive. This hydroponics indoor garden is the most space efficient gardening system, so you can grow as few or as many plants as you’d like. Grow all year round.

Moving house? You’ve been tending your indoor garden with love, looking forward to harvesting the fresh, tasty leaves.  But you’re moving to a new home….. What to do?

No need to worry – your HydroArtPod goes with you!  Just fit the hanging rail in your new home and your indoor garden is up and running in minutes.

Being Healthy

EASY, HEALTHY just for you!

Does your climate and location allow you to grow outside all year round?  If not, you will probably have to grow indoors.  To be truly free-from pesticides and other nasties, that will definitely be the case. 

What’s the best indoor plant growing system for you to adopt?  One of the best systems is indoor vertical gardens, which often use hydroponics. Are you wondering what “hydroponics” means? Simply put, plants are grown in nutrient-rich water rather than in soil, and as it’s a sealed system it uses 90% less water than conventional farming.  This technique is very well established around the world. You will almost certainly have seen it in use somewhere or bought hydroponically-grown produce at a supermarket.  But maybe you didn’t know you could have it in your own home!

While there are many indoor hydroponics systems out there, you would really want to look out for one that is space-saving and out of the way. Thinking about how much room you have and whether you have kids running around, you might prefer to choose a system that doesn’t use up your living room space. There are a few indoor hydroponic gardening kits that can grow some herbs and a few lettuces. These usually sit on your kitchen counter-top which is then valuable space lost for your compact indoor herb garden.

Indoor Plant kits

How to select the right indoor garden for you

An indoor plant kit can be super simple to operate especially if it is well designed. It is therefore really important that you choose a smart indoor garden system that is automated. This means that it is self-watering by circulating the water automatically and turning on the lights without you even touching a button. What’s even more helpful is if it is truly smart. The best self-watering system for plants will notify you if a water change is required and even tell you when your plants are ready for harvest.

The best indoor gardens, with the highest productivity, greatest space efficiency and easiest operation have unique features that help you to grow effortlessly. These smart indoor garden systems come in form of either shelved or hanging indoor gardens, that are easy to set up and require hardly any ongoing maintenance. Depending on the size of your living space you might want to look at dimensions compared to the total amount of plants you can grow. There are many automated indoor gardening systems out there that are really bulky, not so pleasing to look at and can’t grow enough plants to actually serve you all month!

Our Products

Join a Movement!

So you are looking to make a real difference and you are excited about feeding your family your first home-grown organic produce? You wonder: “What about the environment and how badly was it impacted by the production of the indoor garden I am looking to buy?” . That’s a smart question to ask.

If you care about the environment and it is important for you that the appliance you are thinking of buying had sustainability in mind, you would want to make sure that the there is information available explaining which materials are used. Using recycled materials and providing full transparency on how the product is manufactured give you a good idea about their mission.

In summary, smart home indoor garden are fantastic devices to help the environment, reduce our impact on climate change, be more eco-friendly and make the world a better place. The more people opt to grow at home, the more independent we get from a lengthy and costly food supply chain – important at the best of times, critical in this current public health situation we find ourselves in.

Sustainable living doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. You can be healthy and live a longer, happier life by making a change and starting to grow your own fresh produce at home.