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This is my journey of creating something truly special to me and my family, sharing with the community to make the world a bit better. One device at a time!


Working tirelessly for 4 years to craft something that really works and that people can enjoy. Life is too short to waste time with unnecessary things.
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Aline: 'We are providing a sustainable way of producing food at home with items sourced both locally and globally.'

The initial idea was born out of frustration. I wanted to stop spending ridiculous amounts on organic food from stores and decided that I wanted to try gardening. As many have experienced, I got frustrated quickly as I didn’t really know what to plant or how to grow it. If I was lucky enough that my plants sprouted, by the time they were growing I had bugs eating holes in them or it took me so long to get it growing that the winter was approaching and I had to stop my efforts anyway.

All in all a frustrating experience to be honest. So I was thinking to build an indoor garden to support my family. This actually worked out to be much easier than I had thought. Take a look at our Build Your Own page to see how you can start, and see more details here).

Here I was now with this garden that finally grew but it took so much space in our house that my husband would get frustrated. 

Start of a Sustainable Journey

That’s how I had the idea to design the HydroArtPod. It solved several problems I had. For starters I hung it on the wall, so my husband had nothing to complain about :-). Secondly I made it pretty as I really did not want to have an ugly item to be hanging around my living room. Thirdly I made it easy to operate. Having two kids I had certainly no time to spend on growing my own food, therefore it had to be somewhat self-growing. So it would need less time on maintaining it than looking after our fish in our aquarium.

A sustainable journey driven by the desire to make organic produce more affordable

Our Vision

Allow every person to be able to feed themselves fresh healthy food

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people make their lives better by bringing new ways to solve real, everyday problems. 

Join Our Sustainable Journey

Many friends had asked me if I could build a unit for them, and therefore I decided that I wanted to do my part to make the world a better place and make it available to everyone who would be interested. I thought if we could manage to multiply those hanging gardens in more homes so many like-minded people around the world could enjoy the same benefits. As a result we all together could do something good for our environment by feeding our loved ones with home grown fresh vegetables and reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation.

What does your sustainable journey look like?

That’s how it started and I am hopeful that many will join the movement and get or build themselves an indoor garden to create a better future for our kids.  Let’s feed our family with healthy food that we have grown ourselves.

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